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August 20-21, 2020
$100 per person

Group rates available upon request,
Jonathan Woodworth
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T&D Surge Protection

Training Interest

ArresterWorks' T&D Surge Protection Webinar
Arresters 201 is a 4 hr webinar covering advanced topics of lightning protection of power systems. This is an extension of Arresters 101 and covers specific topics in more detail than Arresters 101

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of Surge Protection of T&D systems.

Recommented Prerequisite:
• Desire to learn about Surge Protection
• Some working knowledge of power systems
• 4 hrs of available time
• Good internet connection

Course Brochure

Insulation Coordination Fundamentals Webinar

Lightning is the second or third most significant cause of outages on most power systems. Mitigation of the effects of lightning is an arduous task requiring a thorough knowledge of system protection methods. This in-depth course is designed for those responsible for the reliability of substations, distribution systems, and transmission systems. We will cover ways to improve the lightning performance of distribution and transmission lines by using arresters and other means.

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August 20-21, 2020
10:00AM New York Time
Two - 2 hour sessions
This seminar is worth 5 credits, requires completion of assignments

This 5 credit webinar is being offered for $100.00 per person

August 20-21, 2020

Group rates available upon request,
contact Jonathan Woodworth for pricing

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