June 2009 ArresterNews

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Third Party Test Witnessing Offered by ArresterWorks

Do you need a third party to verify a test?

Jonathan Woodworth With more than 30 years of arrester testing and design experience, if you need a third party to witness an acceptance or type test, I can help. I have intimate experience with both IEC and IEEE arrester tests. If you need more than a witness, I can also offer high level technical assistance in any or all arrester tests. Call or Email and we can discuss.

MOV Protection of Series Capacitor Banks

Due to a demand for more efficient power transmission over long distances, Series Capacitor Bank applications are on the rise. The most effective way to protect the capacitors in the bank is with MOV devices similar to arresters. These protectors are highly engineered devices that utilize metal oxide material in a similar fashion to arresters, but instead of conducting lighting currents or switching surge currents, they conduct system fault current. This very unique application of Zinc Oxide Disks is discussed in detail in this ArresterFacts 08. Take a look...

Take a look at the ArresterFacts Library

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Free Arrester Webinar

Thursday July 30th at 11:00am - 12:00 Noon EDT, or Thursday August 6th 2:00-3:00 pm EDT

Executive and Managers Overview of Arresters

Who Should Attend:

Anyone that needs to know the basic function and benefits of Surge Arresters on Power Systems


  • What is an Arrester
  • Where are they used
  • Benefits of Arresters
    • Types of Arresters
    • IEC-IEEE Standards
    • Future of Arresters
  • Carbon Footprint of an Arrester
  • The Lightning Proof Transmission Line
  • Safety aspects of Arresters
  • Total Life Cycle of an Arrester

To participate, email your request to Jonathan Woodworth

Surge Protection Hall of Fame

Rodney Doone
Rodney M Doone Inventor of the External Multi-column Arrester

Rod Doone, a long time arrester expert in the UK is best known as the inventor of the External Multi-column arrester that continues to grow in popularity especially in the very high voltage range. Rod was issued patent 5,218,508 in 1993 which he had applied for in 1990. Using disks in parallel was not a new concept, but putting them outside a single housing was quite unique. Not only did it allow for smaller diameter disks to be used for higher class applications, but it also reduced the size of the grading ring required for similar voltage rated arresters. When the columns are arranged in a triangular form, they also provide increased strength over similar height arresters.

Also credited to Rod Doone is an early polymer housed arrester patent filed in 1986 and granted in 1989.

See the full Hall of Fame Citation Suggestions for inductees are welcome. Send to Jonathan Woodworth